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We are a Canadian-owned company with over ten years of experience in the US and Canadian real estate markets. Our objective is to assist others in generating passive, long-term income and increasing monthly cash flow in order to raise their net worth. It’s only a matter of time until you start reaping the benefits of your real estate investment. We also provide classes for those interested in learning the ins and outs of the real estate profession.



CEO, Diversify Real Estate Investments, Inc.

I grew up on a family farm just outside of Cut Knife, Saskatchewan and still farm to this day with my wife Alyssa and baby girl Addison. Farming is my life and I love that my work is waiting for me right outside my front door every morning.

BUUUT, I’m also passionate about real estate. As a kid, I always wondered how much certain properties costed and how everyone afforded them. I’m drawn to real estate investing because I love creating passive income streams that are always working for you.

A few years after the US mortgage crisis in 2008, I bought my first rental property in Jonesboro, GA with the help of my parents. At the time, there was a massive amount of foreclosures hitting the market and lots of deals to be found. Most people were scared to invest in real estate because a lot of folks had just lost their homes. I knew there was a huge opportunity at hand so in 2012 I partnered up with my long-time friend, Jeff McLeod, and started Diversify Real Estate, Inc.


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There are so many benefits that come with investing in US real estate- tax advantages, rent is in US dollar, and there are so many profitable markets to invest in that produce high ROI’s!

The Covid-19 pandemic has created another unique economic crisis. There is currently a housing shortage in many areas of the US because very few homes were built since the pandemic began and there will be another wave of foreclosures hitting the market soon because homeowners couldn’t afford to pay their mortgage as many of them were jobless. This is a great time to secure your financial future. Come invest with us in US real estate!


The Diversify Real Estate Investments advantage is havinga consolidated network of profesionals at your side.


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Specializing in investment properties for both commercial and residential, you can be assured that your investment property is tailored for your specific needs, helping to increase your monthly revenue & grow your portfolio.